Sunday, January 25, 2009

(Not Very) Experimental Cocktail

All through the past week, a group from school had been planning a night at a hip bar called The Experimental Cocktail.  Jameson's World's Best Bars website lists it as a great place to go have fun, funky cocktails.  We made reservations for Saturday night and were giddy with anticipation.
Last night, we showed up for our reservations and were greeted by a bouncer in front of  a posh-looking red curtain.  He asked for our names and reservation and we were whisked in to a beautiful bar.  Unlike other bars in Paris, this hip, 2nd arrondismont scene wasn't crowded at all.  High ceilings and exposed brick walls added to the cool atmosphere.  Bartenders were friendly without being overbearing or overly familiar.  Once we got situated at our table, we were eager to see the list of exciting drinks.  We got the menus and pored over them in excruciating detail.  They were all very fun, but none as exciting or "experimental" as we expected.  I had the "Tobacco Sour" followed by the "French Pearl", both of which were delicious, just not as off-the-wall as I had hoped.  
After the bar, my friend and I wandered looking for a taxi and like magnets were drawn to the legendary Au Pied de Cochon.  This temple for classic French fare is open 24 hours a day and a haven for intoxicated foodies.  Perfect!  As the name suggests, it is most famous for its pigs feet dish, something I've never tried.  The restaurant a little touristy and the food isn't the best you can get in Paris, but after a few drinks, the boisterous atmosphere and the French onion soup or anything with bearnaise sauce is just what the doctor ordered!


Photo - Katherine and I at the Experimental Cocktail


  1. "I would never trust the Irish for an account of what the best bars in the world are" - Mme. Clicquot

  2. Sounds like the Parisian Barbara Lee's. Where can I get an Opera Cake?

  3. It was quite the French Barbara Lee's although I've never actually been to Barbara Lee's. I will make you an Opera cake when I return to the USA!

  4. You haven't been to Barbara Lee's you are not an East End Louisvillian and or far too sober.......

  5. deux maggots would also be ideal