Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Successful French Joke!

Recently, the digicode to get into the front door of my apartment changed.  Not shockingly, my landlord decided to forget to tell me the change so I was stuck outside the building, weighed down with parcels until a friendly neighbor, perhaps with a more considerate landlord let me in.  As a thank you, I gave my new neighbor friend one of the cakes I had made in class.  About a week later, I let a girl with a similar situation into the building ( I guess she had been on vacation).  As we stumbled through a conversation by the mailboxes, she recounted the story to another woman in the building.  I was trying very hard to understand their French, and I picked up on the woman saying that the man who owns the building must have forgotten to let everyone know about the change.  The women rolled their eyes about his error and I quickly jumped in with, "Ahh les hommes, c'est typique."  The women hooted with laughter about my little joke and I beamed that these French women had accepted me.

Hooray for small victories!