Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Delicious Bread

Last Friday night, we had our bread demonstration.  Chef made a ton of bread; baguettes, focaccia, sandwich bread, braided bread and rye bread.  Since there was so much food and some students brought cheese and jam, Chef decided to pass around some wine.  We had a wonderful time.
This morning, we got a chance to make baguettes and sandwich bread.  We made 4 baguettes, one round loaf, one square loaf AND we had a little extra dough to make whatever we wanted.  Chef suggested braids and everyone else in the class did that, but in honor of UNC destroying Duke on Sunday, I made a bread UNC logo.  
The entire process was really interesting.  There is a lot that goes into bread-baking; special molds, lots of kneading and rising and even equations to figure out what temperature the water should be.  The ingredients are very simple; baguettes are just flour, water, yeast and salt.  
Above are pictures of Chef's creations and a few from our class.  

Off to study for tomorrow's exam...

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