Saturday, April 11, 2009

Highlights From A Busy Week

This week was short but packed.  I was assistant for both pastry and cuisine classes.  Assistants have the responsibility of getting all of the ingredients to class before every practical and then storing extras after the practical and making sure the kitchen is left clean.  The problem is, the class inevitably uses more of one ingredient or another and you end up running to the basement whenever anyone needs an extra egg.  Not to mention that the chef in the basement is a particular breed of cranky native to France.  Mess with his system and you will surely regret it.
On the upside, we made a lot of great dishes this week.  In pastry we made a cold plated restaurant dessert consisting made up of cold lemon cream and raspberry foam.  We served them in verrines (tall shot glasses) and topped them with raspberries and a caramelized sugar wafer.  No one wanted to cart these home, so we all left them on the table in the common area, where they were demolished within an hour.
My favorite thing in cuisine this week was a squab breast with foie gras, wrapped in cabbage.  There was also a chicken mousse inside the cabbage, as well as a thick slice of black truffle.  We served this treat with a mix of wild mushrooms in a thin pastry cup.  We made a fairly straightforward jus and for extra presentation fun I made a red wine reduction.  Unfortunately, the dishwasher came into the kitchen and decided to throw away my reduction and my sauteed wild mushrooms, so I had to borrow the garnish from a friend and start my sauce again.  I guess I've learned to keep a more watchful eye on what I make.  

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  1. Great job Collis. Nice responsibility for BT.