Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Few Classes Of Superior!!!

This week was my first week in Superior, the top level at Le Cordon Bleu.  There is no longer a translator and my French is still horrible, so I was very nervous about following the chefs' demonstrations.  
During the first demo on Monday, the chef lectured a bit about how serious we need to be, etc.  I understood very little and panicked that I was making a huge mistake taking classes I would never be able to understand.  After I calmed down and the chef began the lesson, I realized I understood a lot more than I thought I would.  The demos also run a lot faster and more seamlessly when there isn't a translator slowing down the chef. 
I was amazed at the differences is the dishes we are making.  Goodbye rustic stews and meat stuffed with more meat, hello fusion cuisine.  On Monday we experimented with Indian-French fusion and made John Dory fillets with tandoori , wild rice and a tropical fruit salsa.  In our next cuisine class, we made lamb chops with a truffled bechamel coating and we used purple potatoes to make crisps.  For pastry classes, we have made the more traditional Baba Rhum.  It is a simple cake soaked for a long time in rum syrup, then garnished with a rum-flavored custard.  The assemble is tricky since the soaking cake is heavy and can crumble easily.  
In our practicals, we are getting a lot more freedom to be creative with our plating and presentation.  I have been loving it and trying a lot of new things.  I make an effort to present at least one extra sauce or garnish with every dish.  Chef was very pleased when I made a mango-papaya-cilantro smoothie to accompany the tandoori fish.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten my camera for the past few days, but I am trying to remember tomorrow, and for my class Saturday morning.  

Sweet Dreams!

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  1. yummy yummy
    the smoothie sounds awesome paired w/ the tandoori fish...