Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ethiopian Dinner: Take One

On Saturday night, some friends and I decided to try Ethiopian cuisine.  A few members of our group had tried it, but I never had.  We ventured to Entoto, the only Ethiopian restaurant mentioned in the Zagat guide to Parisian dining.  The food was delicious and came out on a giant platter.  It was a mixture of stewed meats, bean pastes and chutneys, piled onto a layer of "injera" the Ethiopian bread which was sort of a combination of a savory crepe and a think crumpet.  There was no silverware and the point is to eat everything with your hands, using the injera as a scoop/shovel.  It was quite a mess but very fun.  Our only complaint was that the portions were fairly small for the amount we ordered and the service was lacking.  I have heard that at other places, the food comes in unlimited portions and is replenished whenever you run out of one thing or another.  We are planning to try another Ethiopian place this week, perhaps tonight.  Stay tuned...

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  1. heheh see? Im stalking...I LOVE Ethiopian food! I've had it once in DC and have been craving it ever since!

    We had a ton of food, but I think thats because the people I went with knew how to order...