Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ze Kitchen Gallerie

Last Monday, Katherine and I decided we had waited long enough to try Ze Kitchen Gallerie, the Michelin-starred Asian-French fusion eatery near my apartment.  Our friend who is doing her stage there made a reservation for us and we were ready to go.  We went all out, getting the Discovery Menu.  At first I was nervous since we had no idea what we would be getting, but I found that I liked the element of surprise.  Since there is a panoramic window from the kitchen to the dining room, the chef would watch our reactions to each dish.  Everything was perfect, but my favorite course was probably the wasabi-white chocolate dessert.  The wasabi meringue was as light as air and the ice cream had the perfect harmony of white chocolate and wasabi.  I also loved the first course, which was the best octopus I've ever tasted, served with a shrimp quenelle (a football shaped "dumpling" that French chefs form out of pretty much anything) and a light, tangy sauce.  After dinner we even got the honor of touring the kitchen; amazing but the winding stairs to the basement kitchen are definitely hard to manage in high heels!

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