Friday, May 15, 2009

Not Ratatouille

A few days ago, I was hurriedly heading down the stairs to catch the metro to school.  I did my obsessive, "did I remember to bring my keys" check and then my eyes darted to the figure sliding down the stairs.  A HUGE RAT!  It was huge with a disgusting tail slithering behind it.  I screamed and called my friend to talk me through the now daunting trip down the stairs.  Between classes, I told everyone about my problem, almost everyone mentioned the adorable character from the popular movie.  "Maybe he has come to follow you and you will cook together."  I think not.  After class I darted to the Drogerie and bought any gear that looked like it was designed to deal with rats and set them up in my apartment and in the stairwell.  Stay tuned...

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