Thursday, May 14, 2009

My First Three Star Dinner

Every term at Cordon Bleu, the school treats every one in each level to a fancy dinner.  For Superior term, it is usually a 3 star restaurant (the highest rating from the Michelin guide).  About a month ago, the school announced that we were headed to Pavillon LeDoyen.  For weeks, the boys made drinking plans around the event while the girls fretted over shoes and dresses.  Finally, this Monday, it was time to go.  We all met at the restaurant at 730 for a cocktail hour.  Unlimited champagne and foie gras!  Then we sat down to a heavenly 5-course dinner.  My favorite course was "Ecrevisses et morilles en timbale de macaronis" which was a cup made of noodles, filled with a creamy sauce of morels and topped with crayfish.  It was very similar to what the head chef of Pavillon LeDoyen made when he was a guest chef last term.
Since there were wine pairings with each course and the waiters refilled our glasses constantly, our group was fairly boisterous by the end of dinner (around midnight).  A lot of people headed out but since I am assistant this week, I headed home grab a few hours of sleep.  The next day, I was the only student out of a class of 10 to show up to my practical lesson!  The chefs gave all of Superior a long lecture, even dispensing a little hangover advice involving a combination of croissants, espresso and mimosas.  

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