Saturday, February 21, 2009

Refuge Des Fondue

After a great Friday at school, Katherine and Austin and I decided to go to Refuges des Fondue for dinner and wine.  Located in Montmartre, this place is very popular with study abroaders.  The waiters are loveably rude and there are only 2 long tables.  When you get there, you think there won't be any room but the waiters have people smush together and make half of your party climb over the tables into the booth.  Then he brings everyone Kir cocktails and a plate of antipasto.  You can choose either red wine or white wine, both served in glass baby bottles.  Not only is it totally fun to drink out of a baby bottle, but it prevents the inevitable spilling that occurs when people climb over the tables. Then comes the tasty fondue; either meat and potatoes in oil or crusty baguette in cheese.  Writing on the walls in strongly encouraged.  

I love making fondue at home, Whole Foods has a great selection of cheese that are perfect for fondue, and there is usually a helpful cheese expert.  

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